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Establish and strengthen your bond to your ancestral Homeland, and earn all the blessings that come with that, in an easy and affordable way.  You can now possess a 4 Amot / Cubit measure (5ft x 5ft) of land within an agricultural field in the Galilee for $360 (Please see “How it Works”) while also receiving merit for performing the mitzvoth of Shmita, Peah, Orlah, and Terumah.  These are contingent upon the Holy Land of Israel, and otherwise unattainable for most.

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The term “Holy” is used for something that stands apart. Something that is different or designated. That is why the Land of Israel is so special. It is the land of “The Book”, of the Torah. A land that God considers gift worthy and has higher standards for. One that He constantly looks after. It is the “Promised land” of the Covenant. There is no other Land like it. 

Furthermore, many of God's commandments - which in essence are opportunities for man to become holy - are only applicable in the confines of this ancestral homeland, and unattainable for most. Indeed,  it is the opinion of the sages of the Talmud that the Torah and the Land of Israel are intertwined and inseparable.” 

“It is a land that the Lord your God looks after, on which the Lord your God always keeps his eye, from year’s beginning to year’s end."
Deuteronomy 11:12


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